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The best choice I have made in my life was choosing Apicella-Lorei Orthodonists. I have been with them almost 4 years ago and when I first started my teeth were absolutely horrible and I was ashamed the way they had looked. They have done a spectacular job on my teeth and I have came along way. I am still on my first phase and still have a little ways to go but am very pleased with all their work and dedication they have had with me. I just got my braces off and waiting for all my adult teeth to come in and will start my 2nd phase. They have given me the best care and they also have given me the reason to smile again and all I can say is thankyou to a wonderful team at Apicello-Lorei Orthodonists you all are truly amazing. CK

The service is very nice. It is quick and easy. Sometimes when I need to fix my braces, they would come in on Saturdays to help me. They are very nice. It is very fun seeing the beachy setting. I also enjoy this point reward program. Thanks for everything you do!:)

I just started to go here today and my brother had braces on and had a great time there with all the docters and with Dr.Apicella and Dr.Lorei. Even I had a fun time my first time going there with my mom today

At first io thought that the orthodontics was going to be scary but Apicella-Lorei Orthodontics are very welcoming! I love how they have entertainment for kids and how bright and colorful the place is.All the staff is very kind and gentle.I don't mind going to the orthodontics any more!