Apicella-Lorei Orthodontics Review

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Nov 15, 2012 | Posted by N.C.

This practice is THE BEST and I should know...three children that have needed braces (yep..those ole genetics get you every time) have given me the opportunity to interact with this amazing and caring staff for over 15 years (and no, I was not consistently in the office for 15 years but having three children spaced more than several years apart made it feel like it at times).

My two oldest are now adults and have simply gorgeous smiles. They both have been told by their respective dentists and dental hygienists that their teeth are beautiful, healthy and have bites that are perfectly aligned. This is a direct result of the high quality orthodontic care they received as children by Dr. Apicella, along with the education on how to maintain their results and the positive reinforcement offered.

THE BEST orthodontic practice in central PA.